Holiday Toys in the Edenton Coffee House!

One of the ladies from our knitting group has been given lots of yarn and books, booklets and some notions here and there from a family member whose mother-in-law passed away.  She brought so many books and a few patterns one night for us to pick through…. Mom and I came home with several books with patterns and color-work designs.

One of the items I came home with was an old pattern for a Christmas Stocking.  It was once a kit that Margaret (I believe was her name) had started but never finished.  There was a partial stocking in the package, still on the needles.  The chart and picture of what the finished stocking was to look like was all there

Of course, I got inspired to make one myself, and since I have an abundance of fingering weight yarn….. you can guess the rest.  I was up late into the night working on it while listening to a movie (if you know me, you know I love my movies).

Below is a collection of photos of some of the yarn colors chosen… I broke the rules and I’m knitting this with different types of yarn (not all the same brand).  Not having a lighter shade of green in my fingering stash, I chose to use Hempathy in Spring Green for the tree,  and the super soft white yarn became Santa’s beard.

Below is a photo of how far I’ve knitted on said stocking.


I still need to work on my color stranding – or carrying? – behind my work.  Somehow I still manage to pull just tight enough to show that I still need practice… 😦

This is knit back and forth on straight needles, and since the working piece is small enough, I am using dpn’s US size 1.  With point protectors on the ends, of course, to reduce the possibility of the whole thing coming off in the bag.  If that were to happen – it’s over!

Reindeer & Owls, oh my!

Other Christmas knits this year include these adorable festive reindeer and owls!  I absolutely love these little toys!

I am pleased to announce that some of my items can now be found in the Edenton Coffee House!!  These guys made it to the Coffee House and are now displayed in the case there, and also on their enormous Christmas tree.  Thank you to Sandra and Gigi for sharing the shelf space and accepting my items in the shop!

I found this pattern on another lovely website –  Julie Richards is the talented designer of these adorable toys.  I absolutely love the reindeer, and the owl makes for a cheerful companion.  (from their expressions, it looks as though the owl has just told a joke and is the only one enjoying it.) 🙂

Here is a question for you, and you can post your answer in the comments below:

Out of all the Christmases you’ve celebrated, what gift that you have received is your absolute favorite? (so far) 🙂

Thanks for stopping in today, keep those needles flyin’!

~ Ashley Nicole


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