Gifts for the New Little Man

Happypotomas Number 6

This Happy Hippo is traveling to my little cousin-to-be – he’s due to arrive next month and I’m so excited!  My aunt and uncle asked for several toys for him, some you may have already seen, but I will add a few photos anyway.


As with most of the hippos I chose the wonderful Hempathy yarn.  Gold for the flower centers, a light grey for the petals, and a rich chocolatey brown brings it all together. 🙂


Hippo is traveling with his fellow nursery pals – take a look…..

Colin & Gendry


These two just seem like they’ll be great buddies.  They have an “I’ll stick by you” attitude…. maybe because they share a pattern designer?

This is “Colin Crocodile” and “Gendry Giraffe” by the crochet artist Dedri from  There was no sewing these guys together, which makes them even more fun to make!

These playful safari friends were made with 100% Cotton yarn.


They are curious by nature, and they always look forward to PlayTime!


“Have you come to play??”

The Duck Family

First photo shoot as a family, right before traveling for the Holidays.


Papa & Mama are proud to present their new little addition.  Sitting contentedly between his parents is Baby Duck, sporting a baby blue ribbon that states “It’s A Boy!”.



I’m disappointed that this baby photo came out blurry. 😦 But you still get a good idea of what Baby Duck looks like.  This was the original duck that my uncle asked for – a yellow duckling.  And here he is complete!

Mini Elephant – Fleur de Lis


This little guy was knitted much like the other mini elephant – baby blue with yellow inner ears, and a yellow Fleur de Lis on his back.  However, I changed this one up just a little by adding some pattern design on his legs.

He is an “Eddie the Elephant” by Laura Long.

Eddie Elephant – Diamond Back


This is another “Eddie the Elephant”, made fancy by all the different colors and designs.  Usually, I make up the design on his back as I go, but for this one I followed a pattern for a diamond design.  The leg designs, however, sport my own freestyle design. 🙂


I don’t know how well you can see from the picture, but the light blue yarn is sparkly!  So, set in a dark grey background is set a sparkly blue diamond design.


Thank you for visiting today, keep those needles flyin’!







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