ACF 2017

Albemarle Craftsman’s Fair – Booth Display 2017

Here is how my booth looked this year…


Let’s zoom in on the tables so you can see the toys a little better…. 🙂

Well, the pictures came out a little blurry, but you can kind of see all the different things I’ve been working on.  I was worried I wouldn’t have enough for 3 whole days!  But all that worry was for nothing, for I still have plenty of toys leftover.  Some of which have already made it to King’s Landing in Murfreesboro –  stop in if you happen to be in the area.

Third Place at the Fair!


I am so proud to say that my booth won 3rd place at the Fair this year!  And there were over 50 booths to choose from, a hard decision for the judges.  Now to find the perfect frame/shadow box to display it in….



Can you believe the holidays are right around the corner?  Once again, I must get knitting.  There are orders to fill, toys to knit, and I still have yet to make anything for the clinic’s Christmas Party.  Last year I crocheted the Princess Cat to take, what should I take this year??


Thanks for stopping in today, keep those needles flyin’!

IMG_E3099~ Ashley Nicole



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