“Can you make me a duck?”

“Can you make me a duck?”  This was the text my uncle sent me one sunshiny day this past May as I was on my way to work.


“Sure, what colors?”  And the adventure began.


I searched on Ravelry (my favorite pattern site, as you may know by now…), and found this one –>  Ducks in a Row by Sara Elizabeth Kellner.  Since both my uncle and I liked the way this one looked, this is the pattern I used. 🙂


I used ‘I Love This Cotton!’ yarn, and US size 4 double-pointed-needles (dpns).  I really do like this brand of cotton yarn – it’s very soft (perfect for toys!) and there are a lot of colors to choose from.  I used brown, buttercup, ivory, antique cream, and the smallest bit of white for Mama Duck.

Digital Camera

The above photo shows the body, which started right before where the chest is on the left side there, and worked towards the tail.  The live stitches I placed on some scrap yarn to come back to and finish the tail later.


Above (looking from right to left) is duck’s body, the chest, working up to the neck, and then the head, which then goes on to the bill. 🙂

Digital CameraDigital Camera

After putting the live stitches back on my needles,  I was able to continue knitting the tail. And there she is — body and head complete!

Digital Camera

The wings are knit in the round starting at the tip (above photo), and working towards the top.  I used the antique cream color for the wings.

Digital Camera

I advise that you read patterns carefully when knitting.  It saves time, and you also know what to expect…  I perused the pattern and thought “Oh, this will be done in about 8 rounds.” Then I read it again as I was working the first wing and realized I needed to repeat rounds 1 & 2 until I had 42 stitches, then knit 10 rounds before starting to decrease…..  Read. Patterns. Thoroughly. 😉

Digital Camera

And they look adorably like angel wings side by side. 🙂


I always add the eyes last.  Here is the little Mama complete with tail, wings and dark blue eyes.  She looks a little grumpy from this side, but I assure you, she is as sweet and gentle as a mama duck should be.  And very soft.


I sewed her wings on right at the ‘seam’ where the chest meets the body, then tacked them down in a few places on her back and side. I thought she would be more fun to play with if her wings weren’t tacked down all the way around, that way little ducklings can cuddle underneath.


Her partner is in progress, he is going to be quite the handsome fellow.  Pictures to be posted when he arrives!



Happy Knitting Everyone!

~ Ashley Nicole




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