The Cow Says “Moo”

I had never sewn a cow before my grandmother asked for one, but I think these are simply adorable!  The pattern is “Moo Moo” by Melly and Me, fairly quick to sew up once you’ve finally made the difficult decisions of which fabrics to use. 😉  I did enjoy making these.  Following is the first “Moo Moo” I’ve ever made…..

The dalmatian print I’ve had for years.  I thought this material would be perfect for the cow.  The pink swirls I’ve had for awhile. Along with several other fat quarter pieces….  I got all of the pieces cut out and followed the pattern, starting with the body.

Digital Camera

I know – it looks a little weird without the head, but rest assured, it did not remain headless.  The entire body is the spotted material, including the underside, and also the outsides of the ears.  One spot on each side of the body is made of black felt, as well as the horns that will be on the head.  The tail matches the nose and insides of the ears.  DMC thread makes up the hairs on the tail’s end, so the cow has something to swat those pesky flies with.

Digital Camera

You know how, when you’re looking at a pattern or pictures of someone’s finished item (say a teddy bear), they never show the back or close-ups of some hand-sewing that finished the toy?  I always wonder what their stitching/seaming looks like.  I am including the picture above so those of you who are like me can see the seams on the underside of this particular toy.  A lot of times with some of the fabric toys I make, I can’t get the legs stuffed perfectly smooth all the way around (notice the folds).  I’ve decided those toys are meant to be a little wrinkle-y in some places.  A wrinkle will happen, and that’s how it’s going to be. 🙂

On to the face of this critter…..

Digital Camera
Face (front)

The face is made almost exactly the same for both the front and back.  You’ll notice the front of the face has nostrils sewn on the front.

Sewing Head onto Body
Attaching the Head


After I attach the head to the body, it’s on to the details!!  I usually embroider the eyes on my toys, they’re child-safe that-a-way.  I always draw the eyes in pencil first, making sure they’re in the right places and hopefully the same size.  Then it’s choosing the color thread and separating that into 3 strands so it glides through the fabric easier.

Embroidering the Eyes
Embroidering the Eyes


Embroidered Eyes
Embroidered Eyes

I try to add a couple of little white dots in the eyes – it gives the toy more expression, makes them look more realistic. 🙂

Completed Cow
All Finished!

And it’s done!  I have made several more of these little cuties, each one now waiting for it’s new home.

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Thanks for stopping by today!

~ Ashley Nicole


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