A Multitude of Mittens…

I was at work one day, on lunch knitting in the break room, when a co-worker spotted me.  I was making fingerless gloves, and she asked me if I could make the ones that are convertible – fingerless, or flip the top over and you have cold-fingers-covered mittens.  Here is what I made:

She also wanted 5 pairs to send as Christmas gifts to Canada, and she needed them all done and ready to go by the middle of November.  Thankfully, I got them all done in time and even packaged up in cute little boxes (if I do say so myself):


I purchased the boxes at Hobby Lobby (lovely store), the ribbons, stamps, and cardstock I already had.  I also asked Mom to print off some little cards with care instructions on them because these convertible mittens are 100% Baby Llama wool.  It simply wouldn’t do to have these felted!  But lo and behold, when I told my friend about the cards I slipped in, she said that her family in Canada are accustomed to handling wool and know what to do. 🙂

When I brought all 5 of these boxes to work to give to her, my boss happened to see them and then I had a commission of 7 more pairs to make before Christmas!!  Mom kindly offered to help me with those since Christmas was right around the corner, and between the two of us knitting fast, we got the job done.  I did enjoy making those mittens, and I ‘ll probably make more in the future.  Pattern credit goes to Sarah Bradberry, and the pattern is Lady’s Work Mittens on Ravelry.

I wish I had pictures of the other mitts that I made, because there were several different colors, but imagination will have to come into play…. red (as shown above), dark grey, blue, purple, and light grey. And it was fun choosing a different button design for each pair. 🙂

Keep on Knitting!

Ashley Nicole


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