Max the African Flower Bulldog


And here he is, complete!  I think he’s simply adorable…. but I’ll just post the pictures and let you see and decide for yourself.  😀

Pink, purple and white, a Valentine delight…..


Complete with the wrinkle of ‘skin’ around the nose/muzzle…..

He’s covered in flowers, and even has a little stubby tail……

Max back

And for the side view…..

Max left side

I hope you agree with me that he (or she!) is quite the cutie.  The yarn I chose works really well with these patterns, you’d have to hold one to see what I mean…. these toys have a very nice firm shape to hold and love.  I will add a caution note here, though –> I used buttons for eyes on Max, and this should be taken into account if giving this to a young child who still likes to taste everything –> buttons pose a choking hazard, so please watch the youngsters carefully during playtime.  I wouldn’t want anyone to choke, and Max would really love not to lose an eye. As the saying goes, it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye…..

With all that said, I hope anyone reading this post has enjoyed it, has had a reason to smile, and will have a wonderful day tomorrow.

~Ashley Nicole


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